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for the flavour and fragrances industry and for chemical syntheses

An exclusive agreement with Celanese Europe enables PERGAN to drum Acetaldehyde into small vessels. This activity primarily adds value to the supply chains of the flavour and fragrances industry.

Acetaldehyde is highly reactive intermediate and produced by catalytic oxidation from ethylene. It is an important intermediate in many chemical syntheses. Acetyldehyde is a flammable, clear, colorless liquid with a pungent odor and miscible in any ratio with water and the usual organic solvents.

General data

CAS No.:
UN Number:
Shelf life:

UN 1089
3 months
Structural formula



Typical Properties



Molar mass g/mol  44,05
Boiling temperature at 1013 hPa °C  20
Melting temperature °C  -123
Density at 18°C (DIN 51 757) g/cm3  0,7830

Refractive index

nD at 10°C (DIN 51 423)   1.337
Vapor pressure at 25°C hPa 1.203
at 50°C hPa 2.794
Vapor density (air = 1) 1,52
Dielectric constant at 10°C (DIN 53 483) 21,80
These characteristic data are intended for the purpose of product description and are not the subject of continuous monitoring.